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Artichoke is an all-in-one business platform for appointment-based businesses with small teams. 

If you’re ready to say goodbye to running your business with a combination of single-function apps, manual processes, or overly complex small business software, Artichoke was created for you. In fact, Artichoke was created and evolved based on a constant flow of feedback and ideas from people just like you.

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Can you tell me more about Artichoke's credit card processing fees?

We've partnered with Stripe, an industry-leading payment provider, to get you affordable credit card processing. Payment processing fees are offered at a flat-rate for all card types, eliminating the mystery or fine print to read regarding your fees.
All transactions are processed with a fee of 2.9% plus 30 cents. 

If you're comparing this to any other lower rate you may have seen, please read on because the devil is in the detail with processing fees. Spoiler alert: Artichoke will save you far more than you spend.

Artichoke's integration with Stripe powers check-ins, recurring payments, bookkeeping and financial tools, balance and payment tracking in one simple workflow. This "behind-the-scenes" process saves most appointment-based businesses hours of administrative time every month. 

For example, you can require clients to provide credit card information when booking time with you online. This information is saved securely to their client profile that you can: 

  • Automatically bill their credit card to enforce your "No-Show Policy" if they miss an appointment
  • Collect payment with the click of a button when the customer checks into an appointment
  • Set up recurring payments for a client

Additionally, Artichoke's integration with Stripe ensures that the client's balance and history is always up-to-date, and allows you to collect any outstanding balances in one transaction. 

 If you make $50/hour and are able to convert one hour of wasted admin into a billable hour that you spend with a client, the Artichoke business platform and associated payment processing fees have already paid for themselves. 

I need help...

You've come to the right place. First things first, be sure to give this User Guide a quick review. It includes answers to the most popular questions asked by our community of small business owners and solo entrepreneurs. If you're still stuck:

Does Artichoke support businesses with multiple locations?

Artichoke supports multiple locations, including the ability to establish unique work hours, enable specific services, and restrict booking to certain users in your account. You can even specify if you offer services remotely or at the client's location.

Additional locations can be set up from "My Web Page" within the "Hours & Locations" section in Step 2 of setup. 

About Artichoke's online booking and website features

Your online booking page features everything you need to allow your clients to book time with you online, the ability to sell gift cards, feature client reviews and more information about your business. You can even require a credit card to book online so it’s easy to enforce attendance policies or collect payment at the time of appointments since the client billing data is stored in the client profile. 

Customize your web page colors individually or pick from a variety of professionally designed templates to match your brand. Learn more about customizing the look and feel of your Artichoke online scheduler here:

I already have a website. Can I embed my Artichoke online scheduler into that?

It's really easy to add Artichoke online booking and reviews to your existing website. The link below explains the four simple steps to set it up.  Clients will be able to seamlessly book appointments on your site and read client reviews.

How can I block off personal time so that my clients don't try to book time with me when I'm not available?

The Slot Blocker feature is a quick and easy way to block time within your normal business hours without having to modify your location hours.  When you need to block off time for a doctor’s appointment, admin or to grab coffee with a friend, just add a slot blocker to your calendar and those times slots will be hidden from clients online.  You can even set up a slot blocker to recur for a series of upcoming events which need to be blocked in your calendar.

Learn more about the Slot Blocker here:

Same-day Booking Rules

Artichoke includes some really cool features made just for appointment-based businesses, including the ability to control how far in advance your customers are required to book time with you (these are called "booking rules"). By adjusting your booking rules, you can:

  • Allow or prohibit same day bookings
  • Require a minimum lead time for all same-day bookings
  • Allow same-day booking if there are no other appointments in the same time frame in the same location

Classes & Group Scheduling: Booking multiple clients for the same appointment 

In addition to supporting traditional one-on-one appointments, you can also schedule classes, events and other multi-client events with Artichoke. You specify the total number of participants allowed for a particular appointment, and when the max number of participants is reached for a given session, it will be hidden from clients, only displaying future events with availability.     

Learn more about multi-client appointments and scheduled events here:   

Bookkeeping Made Easy: Integrated Payments, Check-In & Balances

Unlike other business platforms, Artichoke seamlessly combines appointment check-ins with payments and client balances. This fully integrated process ensures that your records will always be up-to-date, without having to carve out valuable time during your downtime to get caught up.

With one simple step, you can check a client in, apply an existing balance or collect payment, and automatically send a confirmation message.  If you’ve already stored billing information for the client in the client profile, payment can be collected automatically with check-in in one simple step.  

Does Artichoke support selling Gift Cards?

Absolutely. We realize that gift cards can be a big part of your appointment-based business. We've even set up Artichoke so that you can sell gift cards online. Additionally, extra reports in your dashboard make it easy to view unredeemed cards, so you can encourage clients to schedule that first visit and help clients find lost codes instantly.

I have a large list of clients. How can I bulk import them into Artichoke?

Upload your entire client list from your current software, mobile contacts or email contacts in just a few steps: 

Head over to "Settings" and then "Import Clients" within your Artichoke account. From there, download the Contact Upload template provided. 

Copy and past your contact data into the template. Please note though that all contacts MUST have a first name or letter. The other information is not required to perform a successful update. 

The following data can be uploaded from a CSV file
First Name*
Last Name
Birthday** (e.g. 11/28/1970)
Notes (e.g. Loves dogs)

Street Address
Suite / Floor
Client Since** (e.g. 05/17/1985)

* Required
** Date fields must be formatted as month/day/year (e.g. 08/13/1990)


Since there are only 24 hours in a day, Artichoke works all 24 of them on your behalf with a powerful notification engine which keeps your clients informed and your business with them transparent.  The most time sensitive notifications offer text and email formats in addition to the ability to add customized messages.

Email notifications are well designed to make your business look professional and include your business information.

Automatic notifications are created and send to clients for many events including:

  • Appointment created
  • Appointment reminder (select 2,24,48 hours in advance)
  • Purchase confirmation
  • Birthday
  • Service anniversary date
  • Referral request (every 90 days if active)
  • Client notes (if you elect to schedule  remind when adding a client note)
  • Refunds
  • Credit card expiration

There is also a powerful notification engine for you as well:

  • Online booking alert
  • Online appointment canceled
  • Gift card purchased online
  • Intake form submitted
  • Tax reminders

Do I need a card reader?

No card readers here. Payment information can be entered and stored with your client profiles, eliminating the need to swipe. This feature also enables the ability to set up recurring payments and instant, one-touch payment processing for returning clients. The idea is to simplify the payment collection process for both you, the service provider, and the client.  Since every payment triggers an automated notification to your client (customized with your info), you'll be providing total transparency which builds trust and loyalty.

Is Artichoke HIPAA Compliant?

Yes. Artichoke has been architected using security standards that make it very difficult to gain access to any usable data. This is explained in more detail below.

Data Encryption:
Encryption basically means that if anyone were to gain access to your data, it would be unusable because it is jumbled without the key required to organize it all. With Artichoke your data is encrypted "at rest" and "in transit." "At rest" refers to data that is not in use and "in transit" refers to data actively being called upon and in use. Artichoke uses an SSL protocol for the data "in transit" which is on the list of approved protocols by HIPAA.

NOTE: It is never safe to email or text personal health information on any device using any software.

Cloud Storage vs Local Storage:
Most data security breaches don't involve highly skilled hackers accessing complex databases. There are far more examples of fines that resulted from handwritten client notes and laptop computers with data stored on local hard drives, falling into the wrong hands. For this reason, cloud-based software with the proper security credentials provides a higher level of protection than a manilla folder, serial notebook, or single computer with locally stored files. Artichoke is a cloud-based solution which requires security credentials (which you create) to access. If you lose your phone, tablet, or laptop, no problem. You can access your data from any connected device. However, anyone else that finds or tries to use your lost device will not have access to your Artichoke account without your credentials. Since NO CLIENT DATA IS STORED LOCALLY ON THE DEVICE using Artichoke, a lost device is an inconvenience but not a huge liability.

Our HIPAA Data Security Partner:
Artichoke has partnered with industry leader, ClearData to ensure that the highest standards of HIPAA compliance are met. The ClearDATA platform is designed for today’s and future healthcare and life sciences compliance’s needs. The ClearDATA Managed Cloud protects sensitive healthcare data using purpose-built Compliance Safeguards, DevOps Automation, and Healthcare Expertise.

ClearData solutions solve the three fundamental challenges in Healthcare and Life Sciences:

  • Securing and protecting sensitive data
  • Deploying Automation for speed and agility
  • Interpreting healthcare and life sciences for the cloud

HIPAA compliant, backed by the industry's most comprehensive BAA.
Advanced PHI security, protecting your patient's privacy and your reputation.
24/7 "healthcare critical" support, skilled support technicians providing rapid resolutions.

About Add-On Services

Add-on services can be a powerful tool to increase revenue per client. 

Add-ons are very easy to set up and can even be offered online as part of the online booking process. You can also adjust the duration and price for the main service when an add-on service is applied. Learn more about Add-on services here:

International Timezones, Phone Number Formats & Currencies

Artichoke supports over 20 currencies, phone formats, and time zones so we've got you covered. Adjust these options within your account by visiting "Settings" and then "Time-Phone-Currency."

Artichoke's partnership with Stripe also allows for you to securely collect payments internationally. For a full list, please go here:

Google Calendar & iCal Integrations

Love Google Calendar or iCal and don't want to give them up? Artichoke easily integrates with both to allow you to view all of your Artichoke appointments right within your favorite calendar tools. 

For a step-by-step guide on setting up Google Calendar integration, please go here:

Quickbooks, Freshbooks & Xero Accounting Integrations

Artichoke can integrate with popular accounting software like Quickbooks, Freshbooks, and Xero through our third-party integration partner Zapier. These integrations make it possible to seamlessly pass your customer and transaction data into your accounting platform. We’ve also set up shortcuts in the app for Quickbooks and Freshbooks, but you can also create your own integrations. Most integrations through Zapier are free, but some advanced integrations require a paid Zapier account.

Follow the path below in Artichoke to get started now:
SETTINGS / INTEGRATIONS /  Toggle 'Enable Zapier' to get started / watch the video
Look for the shortcuts or “Zap Template” in the list on this page.

What does Artichoke do?

Artichoke provides all of the tools that you need to efficiently set up and run your appointment-based business.  After investing just a few minutes setting up your account, you’ll be ready to enjoy all of Artichoke's features and benefits. 

Can I give access to Artichoke to each member of my team or staff?

Artichoke works for both single users and for teams. It's super easy to add users and assign permissions for the important stuff like client lists, schedules, and financials. Best of all, everything is in one place on mobile, tablet, or desktop.

To add additional users to your account, just log in and visit "Settings" to find the "Users" tab. From there, you can add as many as nine (9) users. Please note that there's a flat monthly fee for each additional user that you add to your account. You can remove user access at any time, so you'll only be charged for the number of users that your business actually needs. 

Mailchimp, Constant Contact & Vertical Response Integrations

Artichoke can integrate with popular email marketing platforms like MailChimp, Constant Contact, and Vertical Response through our third-party integration partner Zapier. These integrations make it possible to seamlessly add your clients to email marketing lists whenever they are added to your Artichoke account. We’ve set up shortcuts in the app for MailChimp, Constant Contact, and Vertical Response but you can also create your own integrations with others in the Zapier network of over 750 other apps. Most integrations through Zapier are free but some advanced integrations require a paid Zapier account.

Follow the path below in Artichoke to get started now:
SETTINGS / INTEGRATIONS /  Toggle 'Enable Zapier' to get started / watch the video
Look for the shortcuts or “Zap Template” in the list on this page.

Liability Waivers & Release Forms

On-boarding new clients mean your marketing has succeeded but keeping up with all the paperwork is time-consuming and potentially high risk.  When were they sent? Which clients still haven't completed them? When will you find time to follow up?

Artichoke solves all of those problems with the easiest waiver form feature you've ever seen.  All you need to do is copy your waiver form and acceptance text into a box, enable the form, and select your sending automation rules.  That's it.

Learn more about Liability Waivers & Release Forms >

About Client Discounts

Artichoke gives you the ability to run client discounts and sales right within your business platform. Discounts can be applied to specific clients and set up to automatically appear when the user checks out. Each time you create a discount, it will appear as an option in the discount list for future clients making it quick and easy to select. Learn more about client discounts here:

Marketing and Advertising Tracking

Easily track referrals from other clients and the lifetime value associated with those referrals by simply adding the referring client to your new client during setup. The data will track automatically and display the lifetime value of the referral in your client stats. Artichoke also automates referral and review requests which are captured on your web page. For other marketing tools, like email marketing, Artichoke connects with over 750 other apps through Zapier in just a few clicks.


Instead of a long list of reports that you need to tediously trip through to find what you want, Artichoke shows you what you need, all in one place on the dashboard in what we refer to as “Income Blocks.”  These simple blocks focus on a single subject and present data in an easy to digest format.  

Go to DASHBOARD / INCOME / view blocks OR select + to add more


  • The Bottom Line
  • Sales Trend Line
  • Booked vs. Collected Income
  • Unredeemed Gift Card
  • Repeating Payments
  • Income by Client
  • Income by Service
  • Sale Tax Collected


Video tutorials are located on the dashboard.

A Quick Start Guide with several steps to get started is also located on the dashboard.

Quick responses from a human at

Our support center contains FAQs and other helpful resources.

Is Artichoke an app? I can’t find it in the app store.

Artichoke is a web application which means that it works like any other app but requires no download from the App Store or Android Market. The best part is the ability to use Artichoke on any device, anytime, anywhere without needing to download files and updates. The data never lives on your device because it's safe and secure in the cloud.  If you lose your device, no problem.  Just login from any other connected device and start where you left off.

When you log in for this first time, you'll be prompted to save the app icon to your home screen for easy access. This is a great way to launch Artichoke just like any other app.

Have you tried Artichoke on your phone yet?  No need to pinch the screen because it's optimized for most screen sizes already.  The same is true for your tablet.  

Your version is always up to date because we deploy improvements weekly which don’t require you to do anything because it’s automatic. Always available, always up to date.

Expense Tracking

Easily track your expenses so that you can always be in touch with your net cash earned and benefit from the simple year end summary we’ll send which is already categorized to meet US IRS standards.  In most cases, you can send your year end tax summary email to your tax professional and they will have everything they need to complete your business return. It’s that simple.  If you prefer to add your expenses in Artichoke but sync them with an outside platform like Freshbooks, no problem.  Artichoke connects to over 750 other business apps through our integration partner Zapier.

Client Data

Client data is a power part of your Artichoke experience but it’s so easy to use because we do the heavy lifting for you.  

INFO - The basic contact and billing info and the ability to control notifications for individual clients.  You can actually store client billing info and say goodbye to your swiper.

NOTES - Easily create a store client progress notes in date order.  Use an existing template like SOAP notes or create your own.  Set up reminders for notes that will be sent to you or your clients on a date and time you choose. Flag an important note to show on top of the list regardless of date. Use live search to quickly identify a past note on the fly.

STATS - This is a digestible series of data points design to be useful every day.  Last appointment, client since date, lifetime value, income trend, and referrals. Simple but very powerful stuff that helps you make better decisions every day.

HISTORY - Quickly scan or filter a list of transactions and events in your client history like purchases, check-ins, and refunds to answer questions on the spot.

BALANCES - Easily track client balances and collect payment as needed.  This includes credit balances for pre-purchased sessions which are reduced by appointment check-ins. 

Adding Prep Time blocks to your appointments

Need some extra time to prep between appointments? No problem. Your Artichoke online booking page allows you to associate prep time with of your appointments so that you'll have ample time between clients. 

When setting up online booking you can add prep time requirements, which will be automatically added to your appointments so there will always be ample time between clients.  


What about Punch Passes & Packages?

Artichoke seamlessly supports punch passes, packages, and multiple-session deals. Sell packages up-front with your Artichoke online scheduler. Check-in sessions as they're consumed and Artichoke does all the rest. When your client runs out of appointments associated with their package or punch pass, you'll be prompted to collect another payment. 

You can even set up recurring payments automatically so that your customer never runs out of sessions or appointments.  

Finally, all of your client's punch pass or package usage can be viewed in the Client History section of each of your customer's records.

About Selling Packages & Memberships

Increase your revenue per member, retention, and engagement by creating memberships and packages which can also be sold online. Packages give clients a chance to engage more deeply with your services and increase the predictability of your income. With our Packages feature, you can sell memberships and packaged services right within your Artichoke online booking platform.

Learn more about Packages & Memberships >

Artichoke & Intake Forms

Does your business utilize intake forms? If so, Artichoke's made it easy to send intake forms to your clients, as well as capture completed intake forms into your Artichoke account. 

Sending Online Intake Forms to Your Clients  

Online intake forms (any form with a web address) can be set to automatically send to new clients. Learn more here:

If you don't have a web form with its own address (URL) but want to begin sending intake forms, check out Google Forms. It's fast, easy, FREE and totally customizable! Here is a quick link 

Capturing Intake Form Submissions in Artichoke

If you want your intake form submissions to appear in your client notes automatically, check out the link below.  Using Google forms and our integration through Zapier, your completed forms can automatically show up in clients notes.