Income & Expense Tracker

Artichoke makes it easy to manage your money. No complicated reports or long lists of metrics that don’t apply to your business. Read on for how Artichoke can help you ditch the shoe box full of paper receipts and help you save time by seamlessly tracking your expenses and income.

Your Numbers Made Easy.

Your business numbers are broken down into simple “income blocks” on the dashboard.  Each block is focused on a  single topic and often allows direct action.

Example:  The “Clients who owe” block shows the number of clients who owe money and how much they owe. Expand the detail to see each client and collect immediately.

  • The Bottom Line
  • Clients Who Owe
  • Booked vs Collected Income
  • Average Income per hr /wk /mo
  • Trend Lines
  • List Repeating Payments
  • Unredeemed Gift Cards
  • Annual Income Projection vs Goal

Make Tax Time a Snap

When you use Artichoke to track your sales and expenses, your year end email summary will include everything needed to complete your tax return.  Total sales and expenses categorized as needed to Part 2 of Schedule C.

Artichoke also has blocks to help you with your state sales tax payments if you sell taxable products or services: Everything you need for state sales tax payments is automatically calculated with each sale and summarized for you in the sales tax block.

Estimated quarterly income tax payments is another headache Artichoke can help eliminate. By answering questions, you’ll easily calculate and pay your estimated quarterly income tax.

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