Scheduling Bliss

The online booking feature of Artichoke takes the headache out of your scheduling process, helps you attract more clients, and creates a robust platform to capture client reviews.

Can your calendar do this with less than 10 minutes of set up?

Online Booking Benefits

  • Clients can book anytime online
  • Sell Gift Cards Online
  • Collect Client Reviews
  • Easily links to your existing website
  • Connect your social accounts
  • Optionally require a credit card to book online
  • Block out personal time with slot blockers
  • Prevent double booking
  • Set prep time between appointments
  • Set booking lead-time limits (Example: No same day bookings)
  • Set up recurring (classes, courses, programs)
  • No clumsy client log in required to book
  • Ability to decline appointments with comment
  • Select which services to offer online


Add multiple locations

Offer different services at each location

Set travel time allowance

Set work hours work hours for each location

Set travel radius maximum

Multiple time slots in a single day