Quick Tip: Get to Know the User Guide

Many of you have asked our awesome Customer Support Team if Artichoke supports a wide variety of features and functionality. While our goal with Artichoke has always been to make using the app as simple as possible, it does include a number of features that you may not know about. So, we’ve put together this handy User Guide summarizing some of the lesser known features and functionality that Artichoke offers.  Regardless of whether your brand new to Artichoke or if you’ve been with us for a while, we recommend that you take 10 minutes and give the User Guide a quick read.      

The Future of Customer Relationship Management “CRM”

Just the fact that this category has an acronym that is rarely explained as if to assume that all humans know what “CRM” stands for should be evidence enough that this is an industry stuck in the past and craving to move into a new era. If doing a good job managing clients is not a need that is unique to large enterprises (who often does not do a good job of client relationship management) then why is the industry ignoring the small business owner? Well, to be fair, there are some good reasons. First of all, small businesses are not going to pay millions to use the software yet development costs are very high for these big applications. Second, many small businesses work in the field or away from a desk and simply don’t have dedicated staff to manage and update the software properly. We all know a fitness trainer, massage therapist, hair stylist, or some other profession that faces these challenges. Read more