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Artichoke Zapier Connect

We know that getting your work done requires many different web tools. In fact, the average business uses between 10 and 16 apps. You have your email app, CRM, note-taking tool, cloud storage tool, team communication app, along with project management tools and various to-do lists. Sometimes, it can be a struggle to get them all working in tandem. Now that Artichoke has 1,000 integrations, you can choose your favorite tools and easily integrate them with Artichoke. Artichoke now connects to 1,000 other web tools, thanks to our Zapier integration. With workflow automation tool Zapier, you can set up your own codeless integrations called “Zaps”. Zaps will automatically send information from one tool to another, so you’ll spend less time manually transferring data between your business tools and can dedicate more focus to creative, big picture tasks.

Boost Your Productivity with Popular Artichoke Integrations

No matter what other apps you use, chances are Artichoke integrates with them via Zapier. Here are some of the most popular integrations that Artichoke users already use to be more productive. The New Year is the perfect time to evaluate your processes and find ways to boost productivity. Try out some of the Zaps above or view more ways to integrate Artichoke. In your Artichoke account just go to SETTINGS / INTEGRATIONS to learn more about the endless possibilities.

Don’t Let The Stress Get to You

Owning your own business is the American dream. You studied hard, worked even harder, and finally, you managed to start your own business. You’ve joined an elite group that took that dream and made it real. That doesn’t mean you can sit back and relax. Whether you have a home-based business or a traditional brick-and-mortar one, you need to pay close attention to all aspects of your business. That means you can face a lot of stress over it all. Instead of letting it get to you, read on to discover how to avoid the dreaded burnout from being a small business owner. Image Source: Pixabay

Why Burnout Is A Problem

What can lead to burnout? As explains, there are several things that can stress out a business owner. You typically will be working harder than ever before, and all those “overtime” hours can stress you out. All that work can lead to eating poorly, not getting enough sleep, and skipping exercise. And although your business life has direction, it’s easy to forget you need that in your overall life as well.

Is getting stressed out a big problem? This is not something you can just power through. shows that feeling burned out can lead to feeling like you have no energy. You can even start to have panic attacks and feeling like your life is beyond your control. Besides the damage this can do to your home life, imagine how it affects your small business.

Realistic Goals & Other Tips

With stress being a particular problem for business owners, how can you cope? One way to improve your chances is to set some realistic goals for both your business and personal life. Business Insider notes that you should make sure that you have a good understanding of what you can and cannot accomplish. Setting a goal you never reach is obviously bad, but making goals way too easy won’t help you feel better either.

You also need to take small breaks throughout your workday. Yes, the proverbial buck stops with you. But you cannot work that hard without getting stressed and burned out. The key to making these work is to avoid tasks during these breaks. Don’t use them as an excuse to get more done. Go for a walk, stare out the window, or just lie down for five minutes every so often to give your mind a break from stress.

Home-Based Challenges

Taking some breaks can be harder when your small business is run out of your home. It’s all too easy to forget you’re off work and start checking emails and working on orders. That’s why Redfin recommends that you be careful about your work hours. Some people work best in the morning, while others do better in the afternoon. Experiment to find what works for you, then use the opposite time to rest and play.

Of course, there will be times when you absolutely must work. Do what you need to do, but remember that being a business owner is stressful enough on the best of days. You have to set limits on your time and stick to them whenever possible. If your work-life balance gets out of order, you are facing burnout.

Don’t Let Stress Take Over

As a business owner, it seems like there aren’t enough hours in the day. But if you get too stressed out, your efficiency will disappear. Worse, you might end up resenting your choice to start a business. That’s why you have to worry about your stress level, make some realistic goals, and manage your work hours effectively. This way, you can be there when your business needs you the most.

Shameless Plug: Using business solutions which help you do more with less effort is also a big part of managing stress.  That’s what we’re all about at Artichoke. Article written by Jason Lewis

Introducing Artichoke for Small Teams

Based on feedback from our awesome community of business owners and entrepreneurs, Artichoke is now available for small teams!

As your business expands and you hire additional team members, so does Artichoke! Adding users to your account is super easy:
  • Log into your Artichoke account
  • Add a new user in “SETTINGS”*
  • Permissions can be set to easily restrict access to things like financials, select services, and client info or you can share everything openly among all team members.  It’s completely up to you.
Artichoke is now the only truly simple, all-in-one, business platform for small teams of 1 to 10. Questions?  Feel free to contact us anytime. Try Artichoke for free today! *Each new user added to your account incurs a $25/month fee. Or, get unlimited users for $199!

Payments by Client and Service

If you dislike the word “report” as much as we do, read on…. At Artichoke, we don’t talk about reports, we talk about useful information presented in a simple way. It’s also a perfect transition into our latest product update, two new income blocks 🙂 Although you can easily view individual client payments inside their client profile, we’ve added two new blocks to the “Income” tab of your dashboard.
  •  One displays a list of your top 5 clients in order of payments received
  •  The other does the same for your top 5 services.
Either list can be expanded to show all items. SO WHAT? Well, if 20% of your income is coming from one client, that’s a potential risk you should be aware of in the event that the client starts to fall off.  If 25% of your income is coming from one service or product, maybe there’s an opportunity to up-sell additional services or expand your offering to protect your revenue against changing consumer preferences. Below are a few screen shots of the new income blocks. How to get there… Artichoke Dashboard   What to look for… Artichoke Income Blocks   Artichoke Payments by Service   Interested in using the Artichoke all-in-one business platform to run your solo gig or small team?  Let us know.  

Add-on Services

Add-on services are a powerful tool to create more revenue per client. Add-ons can increase client satisfaction and dramatically improve total income at the same time. What’s not to love?  The basic idea is simple.  You offer a base service and designate other services as add-ons for an up-charge. The video below explains how to enable services as add-on services so that they can be added to other services in a single appointment. If you choose to make them available online, your clients can self-select these add-on services and up-sell themselves. Don’t wait to tap into this powerful new revenue boosting feature today. How to set up add-on service in Artichoke
Interested in Artichoke?  Try it free today.

Embed Online Booking and Client Reviews in Your Existing Website

Although Artichoke offers an all-in-one solution which includes a website for clients to book online and share reviews, some of you already have a great looking website that’s just lacking these two critical features. So thanks to popular demand, we’ve launched the ability to add Artichoke online booking and client reviews to your existing site. Your site visitors will have a seamless experience reading reviews and booking appointments without leaving your site. Best of all, it’s super easy to set up.



  1) Make sure you have completed MY WEB PAGE set up, including step four. Screenshot_2017-03-09_14.56.49.png     2) On step four of set up, expand the “Add to your existing website” section. Screenshot_2017-03-09_15.00.10.png       3) Adjust the button color as needed. BUTTON.png     4) Copy the embed code for online booking and/or client reviews the the desired location on your website. Screenshot_2017-03-09_15.01.01.png That’s its. So easy. If you need any help, don’t hesitate to contact us on

How to Make Tax Time Less Taxing (And Less Time-Consuming)

Oh boy. It’s that time of year again. Time to pull the shoe box full of receipts out of the closet and gather up the many different places you’ve stored your business revenue and expense information to get ready for tax preparation. For most, this is a dreaded distraction from the flow of revenue producing tasks in exchange for a mind-numbing pile of admin. Since your time is money, we decided to put together a few tips on how to make your next tax year much smoother.
  1. Don’t overestimate the challenge. Tax time should require no more than a summary of your income and expenses. If you’re keeping them up to date each week, manually or otherwise, then tax time should be nothing more than transitioning the summary of your revenue and expenses to CPA or into your own return if you’re self-preparing. Check out these IRS guideliness for the form you’ll need to complete.
  2. Track your expenses in categories that match those on your tax return. It’s tempting to create 200 different expense categories but it’s only going to make your life difficult when you need to compress them back into the categories offered on Part 2 of Schedule C for your tax return. Use the same expense categories on the tax form all year and you’ll eliminate the headache of trying to consolidate your categories later. See the categories now on Part 2 of this form.
  3. Use fewer tools to run your business. Less truely is more when it comes to running a solo business. Try to consolidate your daily business operation, purchase transactions, and expense tracking into one place so that you’ll only need to manage a single source of data. For many, this means ditching the three ring binder with clients notes, the mobile payment swiper, and the clunky accounting software, in exchange for a single solution that captures everything in one place. Yes, we are seriously biased in this category but even if you’re going to go with pen and paper, at least keep everything in one place. If the IRS decides to flag you for an audit (ugh), would you rather pull out 10 years of shoe boxes, apps, and handwritten notes or fire up your business platform and answer all the questions quickly?
  4. Use automation. Sound complicated? Well, it’s not. Today, so many tools online offer automation that converts previous manually tasks into automated tasks. Do you have a client on a regular schedule, automate the collection and recordation of the revenue. The same is true for expenses. If you’re business tools don’t offer these features, it’s time to shop around. Automation converts admin time to billable hours which means more income for you. Some business platforms even send a year end tax summary without asking you to lift a finger. Wink wink. Interested now?
Let’s face it, tax time is taxing for all of us but it doesn’t need to consume billable hours. Commit to streamlining your business management tools, thinking ahead about the simple info required for your annual return, and keeping records up to date and watch the stress melt away. Try Artichoke for free!

Automate Client Discounts

BlogPostImage610x255_inboundcon2015_1-copy Sometimes offering discounts can serve as a good incentive to promote referrals, repeat business, and add-on sales. However, as soon as you’ve got a few different deals floating around, it gets tougher and tougher to keep track of them all. Military, fire police, students, and loyalty are just a few examples on discounts that you may want to keep track of today. Artichoke now has a feature which allows subscribers to create custom discounts and assign them to specific clients so that they are automatically added to the shopping cart at check out. Each time you create a discount, it will appear as an option in the discount list for future clients making it quick and easy to select. To create a custom discount, just follow these steps: CLIENTS / Select Client / Edit / Scroll to “Discount” / “Add New Discount” Screenshot 2017-02-02 08.20.05 Need help? Let us know and we’re on it.

Artichoke Connects


Artichoke can now be connected with over 750 apps, making your business an unstoppable force with clients and prospects. Although Artichoke is an all-in-one platform and many will not need to work with any outside apps, some clients have popular apps which they would like to connect with Artichoke for email marketing, accounting, intake forms…..etc. For some of the most popular intergations, we’ve created shortcuts directly on your Settings / Integrations page.  All of the instructions are shown on this page.   One of the coolest new capabilities is the automation of online in-take forms. – Create an intake form using Google Forms – Automatically send a link to this form when a new client is scheduled – Form responses are autiomatically added to the client’s notes and profile Can you imagine taking all of that admin off your plate before a new client appointment? Another popular integration is with Google Calendar which gives users the abiity to view all work and personal calendars in one place. You’ll still need to manage your appointments inside Artichoke, but now you can keep track of everthing in GCal too. To get started, go to SETTINGS / INTEGRATIONS. Learn more about Zapier, our integration partner. Feel free to contact us if you need any help.