Quick Tip: Get to Know the User Guide

Many of you have asked our awesome Customer Support Team if Artichoke supports a wide variety of features and functionality. While our goal with Artichoke has always been to make using the app as simple as possible, it does include a number of features that you may not know about. So, we’ve put together this handy User Guide summarizing some of the lesser known features and functionality that Artichoke offers.  Regardless of whether your brand new to Artichoke or if you’ve been with us for a while, we recommend that you take 10 minutes and give the User Guide a quick read.      

Product Updates! Liability Waivers & Release Forms

We’ve recently updated Artichoke with the ability to send liability waivers and release forms! On-boarding new clients mean your marketing has succeeded but keeping up with all the paperwork is time consuming and potentially high risk. When were they sent? Which clients still haven’t completed them? When will you find time to follow up? Artichoke solves all of those problems with the easiest waiver form feature you’ve ever seen. All you need to do is copy your waiver form and acceptance text into a box, enable the form, and select your sending automation rules. That’s it. Read up on how to enable Waviers & Release Forms by reviewing our Support Documentation here. Don’t have an Artichoke account yet? Sign up for a 14-day test drive here.
artichoke packages and memberships

Product Updates! Sell Packages & Memberships

You asked and we listened! We’re pleased to announce that you can now sell packages and memberships with the Artichoke all-in-one business platform. Packages and memberships are excellent ways to give your customers more flexibility and increase your revenue! Highlights of this new feature include: – Include different combinations of products and services in different quantities – For memberships, you can designate some services as “Unlimited” for a set amount of time – Establish unused balance expirations – Set a single price for the entire package – Define if, when, and how long the payments will automatically repeat – Opt to sell the package online so clients can purchase anytime – Set a specific start date for the package (when completing transaction internally) – Select the package from your service list in the shopping cart Read up on how to add Packages & Memberships to Artichoke by reviewing our Support Documentation here. Don’t have an Artichoke account yet? Sign up for a 14-day test drive here.

Accept HSA / FSA Payments

Expand your reach with an MCC classification so you can accept Health Savings Account and Flexible Spending Account card payments for your services. Read what our payment processing partner, Stripe, has to say about this process below: “HSA and FSA cards require that your business have a special classification (called an MCC) set so that the card companies know that your products and services are directly related to a patient’s medical needs. If your business needs to accept HSA or FSA cards, please contact support so we can make sure that your account is properly configured to accept these card types. And bear in mind, just because an account is enabled to accept HSA or FSA payments, doesn’t guarantee a card won’t still be declined. Card issuers are still at liberty to authorize or decline any payment as they would with any other type of credit card.” If your business is approved for HSA / FSA and you’ve already set up your Artichoke account with payment processing, visit this link to enable HSA / FSA card payments.

Make it Easy for Clients to Tip

We all want to get more done with fewer steps. Customers are no different. Make it easy to tip, and the size, and most likely, the frequency of your tips will be reflected accordingly. This particular idea, like most of the best ideas, came from an Artichoke subscriber. Subscriber: I want to add tips as part of the check-in process without having to go to the shopping cart. The presentation of the tip options should be simple so that my client can quickly choose from a few options and get on with their day. A great idea for sure. We liked it so much it been implemented in less than 30 days and it’s now live for all users. A tip option will now be presented during check-in whenever there is a card on file or session credit balance so you can skip the trip to the shopping cart.   Not using Artichoke to run your appointment-based business yet?  Try it free today

Customize Your Booking Page

We know you’ve got your own swagger so let it shine on your Artichoke booking page and web site.  Customize your page colors or pick from a variety of professionally designed templates.  If you’ve embedded Artichoke online booking and reviews into your existing web site, customize your color palette to match your other site.  The possibilities are truly endless. Read more

HIPAA Security Partnership Announcement

We are pleased to announce significant upgrades which further enhance the Artichoke data security and infrastructure for our subscribers and their clients.  To accomplish this we have partnered with data security compliance experts, ClearData. Our HIPAA Data Security Partner: Artichoke has partnered with industry leader, ClearData to ensure that the highest applicable standards of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act) compliance are met.  Even if you’re unsure about the application of HIPAA to your business, it should be comforting to know that your client data will be so secure that it meets this very demanding set of standards set for the protection of personal health information. (PHI)  (Applicable in The United States) The ClearDATA platform is designed for today’s and future healthcare and life sciences compliance’s needs. The ClearDATA Managed Cloud protects sensitive healthcare data using purpose-built Compliance Safeguards, DevOps Automation, and Healthcare Expertise. ClearData solutions solve the three fundamental challenges in Healthcare and Life Sciences:
  • Securing and protecting sensitive data
  • Deploying Automation for speed and agility
  • Interpreting healthcare and life sciences for the cloud
ClearData is the only healthcare exclusive cloud provider with unmatched healthcare expertise.
  • HITRUST Certified, the healthcare industry’s gold standard for measuring compliance and security.
  • HIPAA compliant, backed by the industry’s most comprehensive BAA.
  • Advanced PHI security, protecting your patient’s privacy and your reputation.
  • 24/7 “healthcare critical” support, skilled support technicians providing rapid resolutions.
  More on our data security: Yes. Artichoke has been architected using security standards that make it very difficult to gain access to any usable data. This is explained in more detail below. Data Encryption: Encryption basically means that if anyone were to gain access to your data, it would be unusable because it is jumbled without the key required to organize it all. With Artichoke, your data is encrypted “at rest” and “in transit.” “At rest” refers to data that is not in use and “in transit” refers to data actively being called upon and in use. Artichoke uses an SSL protocol for the data “in transit” which is on the list of approved protocols by HIPAA. NOTE: It is never safe to email or text personal health information on any device using any software. Cloud Storage vs Local Storage: Most data security breaches don’t involve highly skilled hackers accessing complex databases. There are far more examples of fines that resulted from handwritten client notes and laptop computers with data stored on local hard drives, falling into the wrong hands. For this reason, cloud-based software with the proper security credentials provides a higher level of protection than a manilla folder, serial notebook, or single computer with locally stored files. Artichoke is a cloud-based solution which requires security credentials (which you create) to access. If you lose your phone, tablet, or laptop, no problem. You can access your data from any connected device. However, anyone else that finds or tries to use your lost device will not have access to your Artichoke account without your credentials. Since NO CLIENT DATA IS STORED LOCALLY ON THE DEVICE using Artichoke, a lost device is an inconvenience but not a huge liability.  using security standards that make it very difficult to gain access to any usable data. This is explained in more detail below. Still not using Artichoke to love your business and keep your client data safe?  Try it free now.  

Multi-User Calendar View

Drum roll please…… Calling all multi-user subscribers! If you have multiple users in your Artichoke account, there is now a calendar view which will display each users schedule for the selected day, side by side.  It’s that simple.  Check it out. APPOINTMENTS / Select “USERS” in View Drop Down Multi-user Calendar View   Still not using Artichoke?  It’s the all-in-one business platform for appointment-based-businesses of 1 to 10 people. Try Artichoke free for 30 days

Notification Enhancements

With the most recent release when added some great user suggestions to the notification settings. Customize Your Special Occasion Notifications Customize text in Birthday and Anniversary emails: You’ve got your own style and approach so make your birthday and service anniversary messages special. We’ll make sure they are delivered on time 🙂 New On / Off Controls “It’s been awhile” messages:  Retention messages sent to clients after an extended period of no appointments is great for many businesses but not all.  Thanks to Artichoke subscriber Shari, we’ve made the adjustment so that this notification can be turned off. Referral Requests: Referrals are your most valuable and low-cost market tool for new clients. Automation of these requests can be very powerful.  However, if that’s just not your style or it’s not appropriate for your business type, you can turn them off. Check these features our in your account:  SETTINGS / NOTIFICATIONS / WHAT CLIENTS SEE…