Customer Spotlight: 3B’s Massage & Bodywork

Vicki Buelow

“Artichoke is extremely easy for myself as the business owner and also from the client perspective. When asked the majority of clients stated it was very user friendly. From a business perspective, it has been extreme time saver for booking and keeping track of appointments.”

Vicki BuelowOwner & Operator - 3B’s Massage & Bodywork, LLC
Member Since: August 2017 Appointments To Date: 3,000+ Location: Wisconsin, USA About: My name is Vicki Buelow, and I am the owner and operator of 3B’s Massage & Bodywork, LLC. My philosophy is to treat the body as a whole; to encompass both the physical therapeutic benefits of massage along with the energetic benefits of Reiki and Crystals to achieve balance in the body and mind. The question of how that happens is often and frequent; my answer remains the same: “Balance is as individual and unique as a snowflake. Each journey towards balance is specific to the person looking to achieve it.” I was born and raised in the Fox Valley, and I have been living here for over 40+ years. I am happily married and have a wonderfully beautiful daughter, a very vocal cat, two delightfully goofy basset hounds, and one decidedly lazy AraApp (Arabian & Appaloosa) horse. Website:

HIPAA Security Partnership Announcement

We are pleased to announce significant upgrades which further enhance the Artichoke data security and infrastructure for our subscribers and their clients.  To accomplish this we have partnered with data security compliance experts, ClearData. Our HIPAA Data Security Partner: Artichoke has partnered with industry leader, ClearData to ensure that the highest applicable standards of HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act) compliance are met.  Even if you’re unsure about the application of HIPAA to your business, it should be comforting to know that your client data will be so secure that it meets this very demanding set of standards set for the protection of personal health information. (PHI)  (Applicable in The United States) The ClearDATA platform is designed for today’s and future healthcare and life sciences compliance’s needs. The ClearDATA Managed Cloud protects sensitive healthcare data using purpose-built Compliance Safeguards, DevOps Automation, and Healthcare Expertise. ClearData solutions solve the three fundamental challenges in Healthcare and Life Sciences:
  • Securing and protecting sensitive data
  • Deploying Automation for speed and agility
  • Interpreting healthcare and life sciences for the cloud
ClearData is the only healthcare exclusive cloud provider with unmatched healthcare expertise.
  • HITRUST Certified, the healthcare industry’s gold standard for measuring compliance and security.
  • HIPAA compliant, backed by the industry’s most comprehensive BAA.
  • Advanced PHI security, protecting your patient’s privacy and your reputation.
  • 24/7 “healthcare critical” support, skilled support technicians providing rapid resolutions.
  More on our data security: Yes. Artichoke has been architected using security standards that make it very difficult to gain access to any usable data. This is explained in more detail below. Data Encryption: Encryption basically means that if anyone were to gain access to your data, it would be unusable because it is jumbled without the key required to organize it all. With Artichoke, your data is encrypted “at rest” and “in transit.” “At rest” refers to data that is not in use and “in transit” refers to data actively being called upon and in use. Artichoke uses an SSL protocol for the data “in transit” which is on the list of approved protocols by HIPAA. NOTE: It is never safe to email or text personal health information on any device using any software. Cloud Storage vs Local Storage: Most data security breaches don’t involve highly skilled hackers accessing complex databases. There are far more examples of fines that resulted from handwritten client notes and laptop computers with data stored on local hard drives, falling into the wrong hands. For this reason, cloud-based software with the proper security credentials provides a higher level of protection than a manilla folder, serial notebook, or single computer with locally stored files. Artichoke is a cloud-based solution which requires security credentials (which you create) to access. If you lose your phone, tablet, or laptop, no problem. You can access your data from any connected device. However, anyone else that finds or tries to use your lost device will not have access to your Artichoke account without your credentials. Since NO CLIENT DATA IS STORED LOCALLY ON THE DEVICE using Artichoke, a lost device is an inconvenience but not a huge liability.  using security standards that make it very difficult to gain access to any usable data. This is explained in more detail below. Still not using Artichoke to love your business and keep your client data safe?  Try it free now.  

In the News: Artichoke in Inc Magazine!

We’re pleased to be featured in Inc. Magazine’s recent online article: The Software Circle: Why Apps Are Moving Right Back to All-in-One Programs Artichoke CEO, Justin Shelby, weighs in the evolution of software and why the market is driving savvy business owners to specialized “all-in-one” solutions vs. a hodgepodge of single purpose apps:

“Solopreneurs, freelancers, and micro-teams don’t just exist in the communities anymore. They include occupations across the spectrum, many of which didn’t even exist during the last census–traditional careers like wellness practitioners and educators, exploding categories like home health, and completely new professions like digital media buyers.”

Hungry for more? Read the whole article here.

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InvestMaryland Challenge Finale Awards

Last evening, we attended the InvestMaryland Challenge Finale event where we were honored as a semi-finalist in the Information Technology category. More than 260 startups from across the nation applied to be a part of the program and just 41 companies advanced to the semi-finals. The evening featured remarks from Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley and an awards ceremony recognizing innovation in four categories. Artichoke Mobile Client Management was please to receive two awards worth more than $50,000. Read more

What can you learn from a sixth grader?

kids on ipad Attending a school function on technology yesterday evening it become apparent that there is much to be learned from a 6th grader.  The presenter started displaying icons one at a time requesting that the audience of parents and their 6th graders shout out the company names.  The famous white “f” on a blue background got the expected roar of FACEBOOK.  Following was the full participation of the parents and kids when seeing the universally recognized “t” for twitter.  The list went on to include many well recognized platforms with million of users.  However, as the presenter got farther down the list and presented an icon with a white ghost on a yellow background, only the voices of 6th graders were heard saying “SNAPCHAT!”  The white “V” on a green background also drew the “VINE” response almost exclusively from the 6th audience as parents looked on scratching their heads. Read more

You can’t do it all no matter what you think.

I have spoken to so many successful self employed service providers that have the never fading anxiety that everybody is doing it better than them. It’s not so much about the quality of the product as it is about all the other stuff that surrounds running a business. Networking, bookkeeping, follow up, marketing, planning, new product/service development……the list goes on. Ask even the most successful personal trainer, massage therapist, or stylist and they will likely talk about the administrative and marketing aspects of their business in a way that would make any audience believe that everyone was doing it better than them. Why the insecurity from even the most successful professionals? Because running a business alone is no different than running a business with a partners or employees. It requires keeping all the admin and marketing tasks on track to achieve long term success. When it’s all on you, the solo entrepreneur, this is a daunting responsibility. We often forget that there are only 24 hours in each day and that sleep is required for a few of those hours to maintain sanity. If one continues to believe that they should indeed be able to do the work of three people and repeatedly fall short of their own expectations as a result, a cycle of self doubt and inferiority can easily overshadow all the amazing things that are probably being done well. We’ve all been there. Read more