The Gondoliers iPhone

It struck me as funny that on a recent trip through Venice Italy that many of the Gondoliers were using mobile phones before, during, and after the guided tours that they so famously provide to thousands of tourists each year. The gondola has retained it’s original design, polish, and heritage in much the same way that the city of Venice has retained it’s authenticity and unique charm. But the gondolier, while traditional in appearance, has evolved to use modern tools that make the impossible task of managing schedules, client inquires, and payment all while providing the actual service they are offering. It really hit home that the mobile technologies, used properly, give the working man (and woman) a chance to keep up and prosper in thousands of different professions.

If the gondolier is able to fill just one empty gap a day through the use of mobile technologies, he/she will earn an additional 5200 Euros per year. As more and more mobile business utility applications emerge for the users like the gondolier that need them most, the more the playing field is leveled for these entrepreneurs to earn a good living and prosper in the age of mobile technology. For the next generation upward mobility may be more about improving efficiency and customer interaction to earn more and live better than it is about changing professions to gain the advantage. After all, not everyone can be a hedge fund manager. There need to be some people creating products, providing services, and creating experiences that make this life worth living.


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