Payments by Client and Service

If you dislike the word “report” as much as we do, read on…. At Artichoke, we don’t talk about reports, we talk about useful information presented in a simple way. It’s also a perfect transition into our latest product update, two new income blocks 🙂

Although you can easily view individual client payments inside their client profile, we’ve added two new blocks to the “Income” tab of your dashboard.

  •  One displays a list of your top 5 clients in order of payments received
  •  The other does the same for your top 5 services.

Either list can be expanded to show all items.

SO WHAT? Well, if 20% of your income is coming from one client, that’s a potential risk you should be aware of in the event that the client starts to fall off.  If 25% of your income is coming from one service or product, maybe there’s an opportunity to up-sell additional services or expand your offering to protect your revenue against changing consumer preferences.

Below are a few screen shots of the new income blocks.

How to get there…

Artichoke Dashboard


What to look for…

Artichoke Income Blocks


Artichoke Payments by Service


Interested in using the Artichoke all-in-one business platform to run your solo gig or small team?  Let us know.


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