Notification Enhancements

With the most recent release when added some great user suggestions to the notification settings.

Customize Your Special Occasion Notifications

Customize text in Birthday and Anniversary emails: You’ve got your own style and approach so make your birthday and service anniversary messages special. We’ll make sure they are delivered on time 🙂

New On / Off Controls

“It’s been awhile” messages:  Retention messages sent to clients after an extended period of no appointments is great for many businesses but not all.  Thanks to Artichoke subscriber Shari, we’ve made the adjustment so that this notification can be turned off.

Referral Requests: Referrals are your most valuable and low-cost market tool for new clients. Automation of these requests can be very powerful.  However, if that’s just not your style or it’s not appropriate for your business type, you can turn them off.

Check these features our in your account:  SETTINGS / NOTIFICATIONS / WHAT CLIENTS SEE…


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