Five Ways to Get Referrals

There are few more powerful things in the arsenal of a ‘solopreneur’ than a loaded referral. Today’s consumers are inundated by commercials, online ads, and clever marketing campaigns— many of which are difficult to measure and become irrelevant in a matter of days. Unlike most of these marketing tactics, the power of the referral has stood the test of time and is in no danger of extinction. 

There is no doubt about the value of the referral, but how to get them? Here are five ways to get people to refer your business:

Ask: Although it seems simple enough, many business owners forget to access their current and devoted client-base. Keep it simple and genuine when asking for a referral. Help the client narrow their perspective referrals by relating their symptoms and needs to others. For example: “Do you know anyone else with similar knee pain? Perhaps the techniques we use here could help them too.”

Do a Great Job: There is no better source for a positive referral than a satisfied customer. Being great at what you do and providing exceptional service will make your clients more likely to send your name along to friends and family.

Network: Staying visible in your community and industry will keep you top-of-mind when people are referring services. Join associations, attend events and get to know others in your market. Keep an eye out for potential partners and play well with others.

Reciprocate Referrals: One of the most effective ways to build referrals is to give them generously yourself. Send business to others in your network and maintain a relationship with those who have referred business to you.

Stay in Touch: It’s important to keep open lines of communication both before and after a referral is given. Clients appreciate being ‘kept in the loop’ when new services and policies are created and knowing the ins and outs of your business makes their referral more accurate. Treat referrals with the value they deserve. Acknowledge your clients who bring you more business with a simple note of thanks. The Artichoke Mobile Client Management App makes staying in touch simple. Use our native messaging tool to send and receive messages and stay organized with client notes.

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