Customer Spotlight: 3B’s Massage & Bodywork


Vicki Buelow

“Artichoke is extremely easy for myself as the business owner and also from the client perspective. When asked the majority of clients stated it was very user friendly. From a business perspective, it has been extreme time saver for booking and keeping track of appointments.”

Vicki BuelowOwner & Operator - 3B’s Massage & Bodywork, LLC

Member Since: August 2017
Appointments To Date: 3,000+
Location: Wisconsin, USA

About: My name is Vicki Buelow, and I am the owner and operator of 3B’s Massage & Bodywork, LLC.

My philosophy is to treat the body as a whole; to encompass both the physical therapeutic benefits of massage along with the energetic benefits of Reiki and Crystals to achieve balance in the body and mind. The question of how that happens is often and frequent; my answer remains the same: “Balance is as individual and unique as a snowflake. Each journey towards balance is specific to the person looking to achieve it.”

I was born and raised in the Fox Valley, and I have been living here for over 40+ years. I am happily married and have a wonderfully beautiful daughter, a very vocal cat, two delightfully goofy basset hounds, and one decidedly lazy AraApp (Arabian & Appaloosa) horse.


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