Simply Book Scheduled Events Online

Scheduled events are so much easier to manage if you’re not having to answer calls and keep track of slots manually.  Scheduling software is usually good at the basic stuff but often falls short when it’s much more than a simple appointment.

If you offer scheduled events which need to consider any of the following variables, Artichoke might be right for your business:

  • Ability to book online
  • Schedule includes sessions on multiple days of the week
  • Sessions are offered at different times on certain days of the week
  • Establish a max number of participants so that given dates are hidden from online booking when full
  • Create services for scheduled events which are/are not available to book as individual sessions online
  • Notifications for booking confirmations, reminders, and payments which automatically send to participants
  • Require a credit card to book online so that payment is simple at the time of service

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